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Murderdolls Talk To Rockstar Radio


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on Mon, 05/09/2011 - 4:56pm


6Bang6Bang6's picture

Wednesday: Your watching Rockstar FUCKING Radio.....Boom! xD

Vangoghmetal666's picture

These guys have such beautiful hair! I like how they comb it with their hands.

Pingvin's picture

;3 Коментарий Вензди в конце видио порадовал ;3 Ну а Джои как всегда поправляет свои шикарные волосы ;3

LeannaT's picture

[quote=Vangoghmetal]These guys have such beautiful hair! I like how they comb it with their hands.[/quote]

Lol ^ :)

I watched this video like... 5 times.. BTW, where in the hell is RACCI?! :/

The new guy is Shakes?

fb_day_williams's picture

ooooh you're so incredible!!! please come to Aregentinaaaa!!!!!!!

rebecca 19's picture

wicked keep up the great work love yall

stagger31's picture

hey, u guys r great

Katy AGO's picture

Красавцы)))Я конечно рада за них, сильно, что они выйграли)))))))

Vangoghmetal666's picture

@LeannaT: The new guy is Jason West. Racci left during the Australian Soundwave shows.

passionae rock's picture

dude this group is so fucking awsome and BTW I like to say fuck to.

Topaz's picture

Awesome interview!

IAmClaudiasAshes's picture

too cool... luv u guys! ... i think this is the first interview that ive seen where one of the other guys in the band got to say something... cool... and i still love wednesday's hat! keep rockin!

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May 9th is my brthday. ^^