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Murderdolls On The Black Carpet


Murderdolls's picture
on Thu, 04/28/2011 - 7:09pm


Vangoghmetal666's picture

I just looked up the Pet Rock inventor. Gary Dahl. Interesting story. He did make millions out of useless rocks! In 1975

Just thought I'd say so :) Wednesday did.

IAmClaudiasAshes's picture

I. Fucking. Want. Wednesday's. Hat!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Vangoghmetal666's picture

Jack is so funny!

MurderdollsGirl4Life's picture

I think he just randomly mentions it i don't think he was trying to change the subject

Pingvin's picture

Клик Клик Джои ;3

TheMadSmoker's picture

Shrooms :) lol

Topaz's picture

That is an Awesome and very funny interview! I really like Wednesday's
hat! And I also wish Joey and the rest of Slipknot good luck with the shows.

Mel Murderdolls's picture

Aww chicos sinceramente no entendi nada lo que dijeron , pero me encanto verlos! ahi la sonrisa de Joey es muy dulce :D simplemente son lo mejor oh y Wed tu look es genial !

Sol's picture

Amo esa hermosa sonrisa de Joey! :) Es perfecto

AlwaysFaded's picture

Hey Joey and SLIPKNOT! you guys can not skip Colorado with that shit like the Murderdolls did! I feel it all slipping away, we all got left behind, we let it all slip away
Wednesday tripping on 'shrooms haha, an eagle with flame hair, haha
Is the rest of the band shy or what?- love and peace

Vangoghmetal666's picture

Is it just me or is Joey trying to change the subject when he mentions the bowling alley?

SrtaGonzalez's picture

i cannot wait for the slipknot shows!!!!!!! i miss them so much, will be weird without Paul but i know they will rock my world like they always do.

poegrl911's picture

I want whatever Wednesday's on!!! Fucking guy covering Joey....

Vangoghmetal666's picture

@MurderdollsGirl4Life: Yeah, your probably right, I'm not good at reading social situations.
One thing is for sure these guys are very funny! Love them. SMOKING!!

Sol's picture

muy lindo el video :) igual que ellos :D

Joesday's picture

Joey is so cute :'D
But I don't like the other Interviewer o__ô
He covers Joey all the time..

These guys are just awesome! And I really want Weds hat! D:

"Can I say shit? .. I just said it, so shit again!" Joey is so brilliant XD

Rikena's picture

Hahaha....these guys are awesome! Especially Joey!

twogun69's picture

One of the things I love about W13 is his sense of humor. His comments about his clothing had me rolling. Good stuff and yes, great hat!

GoingToHell's picture

LOL, keyboards...

MurderdollsGirl4Life's picture

@Vangoghmetal: you got that so very right, they always make me laugh

13 Rose's picture

Big shoes, big scoks situation nnnniiicceee Wednesday!

MurderdollsGirl4Life's picture

3rd time iv'e watched this now gets funnier each time love these guys so much, poor Joey's ears not getting any better wish him all the luck and rest of slipknot with the shows. I do want Wednesday's hat they are both looking very hot



Brutal Chick's picture

Well pretty much nothin to display... All I could say is that these guys are doin hell of a good job... And YES! THEY ARE FREAKIN AWESOME :D

Vangoghmetal666's picture

Love Wednesday's hat too. You wouldnt want to knock heads with him! ;)

Vangoghmetal666's picture

Jack :o hehe